People who have helped us


We are always so thankful for the support of so many people and businesses, both local and further afield. Please read below about all of the people that have been so wonderfully generous with their time and money.




Ocean Telecom, Bury St Edmunds

We met several representatives of Ocean Telecom while attending the Knights Lowe charity golf event. We were amazed and thrilled to be offered a huge donation of £1000 from their company towards our fund and can’t thank your generosity enough!

Thank you

Knights Lowe, Bury St Edmunds

We were incredibly grateful that Knights Lowe of Bury St Edmunds chose us to be one of their charities to support this year for their annual golf day at Dunston Hall in Norwich. Philip and I attended the evening meal, where I made a short speech and their was a wonderful raffle and auction.


The event raised £1500 for our charity and we are so thrilled and grateful for this support – thank you!

Ailsa Lyles

A huge thank you to a family friend Ailsa Lyles, who raised a wonderful £215.00 by holding a raffle whilst on a coach excursion.



Sarah Crocker and family

A HUGE thank you to Sarah Crocker and her family and friends who held this amazing cake stall in Sudbury Town centre yesterday. They did amazingly and sold out in 4 hours, raising a wonderful and amazing £273.87!!

Sarah’s daughter Leah was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year. We first met them at Addenbrooke’s last year and before even knowing they were a local family, I was struck at how smiley and kind Leah was towards Henry, helping him at the crafts table.

Thanks to our fundraising, we were able to send Leah, her two sisters and her parents to Center Parcs last Christmas to enjoy some much needed time away from hospital for her. They all also attended our Christmas party in December too, and it was so lovely to see them all.

Sarah very kindly decided she wanted to give something back to us as a charity so held the stall yesterday. We are truly grateful and know that this money will make a big difference to another family, like Sarah’s or ours.

Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds

A huge thank you to all the web development team at Kall Kwik who created this wonderful new website free of charge, after we luckily won a competition in 2015. Their professionalism, kindness and communication has been wonderful and we are absolutely thrilled and blessed to have had such support.


Thank you so much to all involved.

Mizkan Bingo night

Another big thank you to the fundraising team at Mizkan. After their bingo night in March 2016, we received a huge cheque for £422.00. Thank you so much for supporting us! Here we are at the Priory Hotel receiving our cheque.



We were thrilled to receive a wonderful £150.00 following Tollgate Primary School’s disco in February 2016. Thank you so much for supporting us and raising awareness of our charity.

MIZKAN, Bury St Edmunds


We were delighted that Mizkan of Bury St Edmunds chose our charity to be one of their chosen charities to support this year. We have already received a wonderful £450 following their Christmas raffle and they are planning several more fundraising events for 2016 on their site to raise even more money. Thank you so much!

Following an Easter bake sale we also received a further £156. Another brilliant contribution – thank you 🙂

AMOT, Bury St Edmunds


We were thrilled to receive an email from AMOT to inform us that our charity had been selected from several others to receive the proceeds from their company Christmas raffle in 2015. This was a staggering £937 which is just amazing and we are so grateful for their support. Thank you x



We are so grateful for the amazing support we have received from this wonderful local business for the past few years. We have received many donations that have reached a total of well over a thousand pounds, following several events, such as their company barbecue. Thank you x



We have been so grateful and lucky to receive the support of this wonderful company since September 2013. Little Squigglers is a local company who provide interactive art lessons for babies and toddlers. It was developed and is owned by Amanda Wigzell and is now being run as a local franchise by Johanna Rayson. Since September 2013, we have so gratefully received the profits from their annual birthday fun day and this ongoing support has just been incredible! Thank you x



Allison Johnson, a local photographer has supported us so much throughout Henry’s illness and ever since we set up the charity. She has taken photographs several times at our events, including our Gold Ball in September 2014 and has photographed lots of our children and families at our annual Christmas party. Her support is appreciated so much and we are so very grateful for everything that she does for us. Thank you.


We received very generous donations from both of these wonderful groups following their Christmas fundraising in 2015. Thank you so much!

CAFE VISTA, Aughton, West Lancashire

We have received lots of support from this wonderful cafe, run by volunteers to raise funds for Christ Church Aughton has helped support us on lots of occasions. Most recently we received over a hundred pounds from their penny jar collection. Thank you x

JOANNA BROWN, Zumba Jo, Bury St Edmunds

Joanna Brown, who runs local Zumba classes in the area, has supported us on several occasions, usually in the month of September, Childhood Cancer awareness month to help raise funds and also, really importantly, to raise awareness of our charity and of childhood cancer.



Helen is the godmother of one of the children that we support through the charity. She is a wonderful lady who decided in the summer of 2015 that along with several others, that she would support us in many different ways. This involved several events including a tombola, a serious hair chop (donating hair to the Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children with cancer)