Brain Tumour Charities

The Indee Rose Trust

We provide Treasure Boxes to children who have been hospitalised whilst receiving treatment for a brain or spinal tumour. A wonderful box of treats created especially for the child. We also provide a one off grant to help the family at this difficult time.

Ryan Lee Trust

We provide support to children and teenagers diagnosed with Brain Tumours and other cancers, whilst also meeting the needs of their families. Their health and well being is central to the work of the charity. The main aim of the Ryan Lee Trust is to provide specialist equipment and accessories not normally provided by the Statutory Authorities.

Danny Green fund

We provide grants to fund various therapies such as neuro-physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, horse riding therapy or a piece of multi sensory equipment.

We can also provide a one-off grant for a piece of equipment such a special needs buggy to assist the recovery of a child who is suffering from Posterior Fossa Syndrome (PFS).

SAM – Send a Message

Send treats to children currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour in the UK.

Camille’s Appeal

The charity was formed in August 2009 to help children under the age of five who are suffering from a brain tumour. The main focus of Camille’s Appeal is to look at ways to ensure that the long-term effects of treatment are minimised to allow the child to lead a normal life.

Tom’s Trust

Our mission is to become a beacon of best practice and improve the access, consistency and the quality of rehabilitation services for all childhood brain tumour patients and their families across the UK.  Our work will not stop until all children with brain tumours have access to this type of service.

Anna’s Hope

Anna’s Hope’s aims have been developed in partnership with Addenbrookes Hospital with input from the Children’s Trust in Tadworth. Everything we do to support children is advised and led by Addenbrooke’s Children’s Oncology and Neurosurgery Consultant’s.