Support / Advice

The day your hear the words “your child has cancer”, your world can feel like it’s fallen apart. They are words that no one ever wants to hear yet so many of hear them. You’ll feel every emotion possible as you come to terms with the diagnosis and what this means for your child and how much they will have to endure. You will feel numb, confused, stressed and anxious and your family life will most likely be disrupted beyond recognition. 

What I’ve learnt from my experiences and the feelings of the friends that we’ve made who have experienced these emotions too, is that there is no right or wrong way to react and behave. You deal with everything the best you can, taking each day at a time. 

Finding out more

Lots of parents want to find out more about their child’s diagnosis and cancer type and turn to the internet to look for more information and answers. Henry’s oncologist encouraged us not to do this and to ask her or the team at the hospital as many questions as we wanted instead. Again, people have to deal with the situation in their own way, but know that like with everything, not all the information you find on the internet is reliable or correct. 

You will be bombarded with sad stories and shocking statistics, and it can be tough going. Always remember that your child is an individual, and no statistic can truly tell you what will happen to your child. 

 You can ask the doctors and nurses questions again if you’ve been unable to take it all in. It may help to have someone else with you, and to write down your questions beforehand.

For more information about feelings and emotions you may struggle to cope with please follow this link, a page that I felt helpful and still do.  Also, although, I am really not an expert, please always feel free to email the charity and we can try and offer emotional support, or certainly help point you in the right direction of lots of other people who may be able to help x.